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Welcome to ShipsDNA, your hub for accurate data and powerful information systems for the international maritime industry. We specialize in providing comprehensive data such as precise vessel technical specifications, detailed ownership records, extensive sales and purchase transactions, and accurate ship valuations. 

Other offerings include exhaustive demolition records, real-time voyage agreements, insights into oil and bunker market trends, as well as upcoming drydocking & survey schedules. Our extensive database hosts over 120,000 ship records, 16,000 maritime companies, 27,000 ship sales & purchase transactions, including 50,000 new ship inspection records every year. 

Discover more about our diverse data products designed to empower your maritime decisions. Moreover, for stakeholders like Shipbrokers, Charterers, and Managers who require seamless data integration, our efficient API solutions are the perfect fit.

About us:

ShipsDNA is a premier provider of maritime data and information services. The company provides comprehensive, accurate, and timely data across three main categories: commercial ship information, technical ship specifications, and ship/vessel events. ShipsDNA's robust offerings make it an indispensable tool not only for insurers, but also for risk assessment service providers, banks and financiers seeking detailed, reliable maritime data for their decision-making needs. Its advanced data APIs facilitate seamless integration with various platforms, leading to improved risk assessment, informed underwriting decisions, and insightful investment strategies in the maritime industry.

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ShipsDNA is renowned as an unparalleled source of maritime information. Top-tier Ship Finance Institutions trust our in-depth data assessments to guide their decisions on maritime asset funding.

Surveyors and Technical Experts utilize our precise data to accurately target vessels due for survey and drydocking.

We cater to a broad clientele, ranging from marine part dealers and demolition agents to scrubber and BWTS fitters, underscoring our reputation as a reliable partner in maritime data solutions.

Behind ShipsDNA is a formidable team of experienced maritime analysts, proficient data scientists, inventive software developers, and committed customer care specialists. Together, we contribute over 100 years of combined experience in the shipping and maritime sectors, ensuring we deliver unrivaled data solutions to our clients.

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C/O - Aacsl Accountants Limited 1st Floor, North Westgate House, The High, Harlow, Essex, United Kingdom, CM20 1YS

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